Erasure Remixes by Kwerty

Welcome to my Erasure remix fan site, currently showcasing my own unofficial fan mixes. I hope to add more from time-to-time, plus a guide to other people's fan and bootleg remixes.

Andy Bell (Erasure) - Say What You Want (Kwerty's Duotronic Mix) by Kwerty

Erasure - Spiralling (Kwerty's Locked In My Room Mix) by Kwerty

Erasure - A Little Respect (Kwerty's Tell Me No Reason Mix) by Kwerty

<a href="">Duotronic by Kwerty</a>


Spiralling makes use of the midi file arrangement compiled by Mark Robotham and available from his website at midi file and my mix are based upon the live piano version Erasure performed on the Innocents video (now on DVD in The Innocents Deluxe).

As well as a bass-line and some percussion, I've also added a middle-section based on the part played on a kazoo during the acoustic encore performance at other Innocents concerts (no official recording is available, but you can download the Spiralling live bootleg).